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Improving Crop Yield and Stress Resilience


The Augmenting the Plant Microbiome to Improve Crop Yield and Stress Resilience (PLM) project aimed to develop breakthrough microbial products that can colonize crop hosts and substantially improve seed germination, yield, and drought-and heat-stress resilience. The products have been successfully tested in over 20 genotypes of wheat, barley, canola, and pulses – crops that account for more than $15 billion in annual production in Canada alone.

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Canadian Genomics Enterprise News


2019 Canada SynBio

Join us March 6 & 7, 2019 for the 2nd Annual Canada SynBio conference focused on accelerating the growth and success of Canada’s Engineering Biology community.

  • Learn about emerging developments, opportunities and plans.
  • Connect and network with leading investors, policymakers, scientists, and entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Share ideas and let your voice be heard as we explore issues of importance to the engineering biology community.

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