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Genome Prairie Strategic Plan 2021 to 2025

Building research capacity

Genome Prairie enables regional researchers to participate in Genome Canada competitions and other provincial initiatives.
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Maximizing the benefits of genomics

To date, Genome Prairie has supported over $260M of research activity across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
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Quality above Quantity: How Cutting-Edge Lentil Genomics is Poised to Change the Face (and Profitability) of Canadian Agriculture

Intense genomic research at the University of Saskatchewan Crop Production Centre is helping to keep Canadian pulse…
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Genome Prairie Announces Launch of $30 Million Pan-Canadian Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative

$30 Million Pan-Canadian Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems initiative
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Bison Regional Science Fair Honors Students for Science Ingenuity and Excellence

Now in its 5th year, the Bison Regional Science Fair, sponsored in part by Genome Prairie, is paving the road for the next generation of discovery in the Prairies.
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Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Systems Funding Opportunity

Genome Prairie through Genome Canada is launching a new Climate Action Genomics Initiative funding opportunity in May 2022. Interdisciplinary Challenge Teams (ICTs) represent the largest, key component of the initiative. ICTs are integrated teams of researchers from different disciplines and users who work together to address specific questions, achieve relevant deliverables and, ultimately, reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of Canada’s agriculture and food systems. As part of the Initiative portfolio, the teams will work toward broader national impacts that manifest value beyond each individual project. The ICTs will provide genomic solutions to help implement agriculture and food production systems that are climate-resilient, socially responsible, economically viable and environmentally sustainable, and that contribute to the mitigation of climate change impacts.