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Building research capacity

Genome Prairie enables regional researchers to participate in Genome Canada competitions and other provincial initiatives.
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Maximizing the benefits of genomics

To date, Genome Prairie has supported over $260M of research activity accross Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
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COV3R – Genome Capture Detects COVID-19 Virus (and Everything Else)

Genome Prairie's COV3R initiative aims to tackle the problem of detecting co-infections, and in the process provide powerful new tools for public health.
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Executive Search: Genome Prairie President & CEO

Seeking next President & CEO to support and manage large-scale genomics and bioscience research projects in our two provinces.
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Exploring Our COVID-19 Regional Genomics Initiative

“Prairie region researchers have really risen to the occasion with some inventive proposals."
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Genomics in Society Interdisciplinary Research Teams

The uptake of genomic-based innovations can be affected by various social, economic and environmental factors, including legal and regulatory requirements, especially when they represent significant changes to current practices. Already, research into the implications of genomics in society (GE3LS research) conducted through Large-Scale Applied Research Projects (LSARPs) helps better understand these factors primarily in the context of individual projects, but also in relation to sectors. However, to ensure the effective and responsible translation of innovative genomic applications, Genome Canada has developed a Genomics in Society Interdisciplinary Research Teams Program to facilitate collaborations and dialogue between researchers and other key stakeholders whose sectors stand to be transformed by genomics advances.

Genome Day

This workshop will help provide Manitoba researchers information about Genome Canada funding opportunities and how past and current researchers have already successfully been awarded Genome Canada grants. This workshop will allow researchers to also participate in a facilitated working session to generate compelling project ideas and create winning teams.