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Genome Prairie Announces Appointment of President and CEO

January 10, 2013 / News Release

Dr. Reno Pontarollo, the current Chief Scientific Officer of Genome Prairie, will succeed Dr. David Gauthier as President and Chief Executive Officer on April 1, 2013.

Genomics: The Power and Impact

December 29, 2012 / News Article

Watch the new video describing the important role played by genomics in Canada. Discover what genomics is, and the impact it is making in the areas of…

Genomics: The Power and the Promise External Link

November 1, 2012 / News Article

A once-in-a-decade celebration of the power and promise of genomics, hosted by the Gairdner Foundation and Genome Canada in Ottawa. November 27-28,…

World's First 100% Petroleum-Free Biofuel Flight

October 29, 2012 / News Article

Prairie Feedstock Powers the World's First 100% Petroleum-Free Biofuel Flight

Dr. Arnold Naimark Inducted into Medical Hall of Fame External Link

October 19, 2012 / News Article

Dr. Arnold Naimark (Genome Prairie Board Member) was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

Genome Canada Appoints New Chair

October 12, 2012 / News Release

Lorne Hepworth Appointed as Chair of Genome Canada's Board of Directors.

Dr. Digvir Jayas Receives University of Saskatchewan Alumni Award External Link

October 3, 2012 / News Article

Dr. Digvir Jayas (Genome Prairie Board Member) Receives University of Saskatchewan Alumni Achievement Award.

Genome Prairie Featured in Saskatoon Express External Link

August 27, 2012 / News Article

Genome Prairie: Enriching Society through Genomics

Genome Canada Announces New Funding Opportunity for Listeria Research

July 26, 2012 / News Release

Harper Government teams with Canadian researchers to bolster food safety system

Biojet Fuel Emissions Have Decreased Particulate Matter External Link

July 10, 2012 / News Article

FARNBOROUGH: Canada advances biofuel testing with vintage T-33 trainer