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Genome Prairie Announces Appointment of New President & CEO

September 21, 2020 / News Release

The Board of Directors of Genome Prairie is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Cey (PAg) as Genome Prairie’s new President and CEO, effective November 9, 2020.

COV3R – Genome Capture Detects COVID-19 Virus (and Everything Else)

July 20, 2020 / News Article

Genome Prairie's COV3R initiative aims to tackle the problem of detecting co-infections, and in the process provide powerful new tools for public health.

Executive Search: Genome Prairie President & CEO

May 15, 2020 / News Article

Seeking next President & CEO to support and manage large-scale genomics and bioscience research projects in our two provinces.

Exploring Our COVID-19 Regional Genomics Initiative

May 8, 2020 / News Article

“Prairie region researchers have really risen to the occasion with some inventive proposals."

Developing ASSETS to combat antimicrobial resistance in livestock

April 28, 2020 / News Article

Genomic ASSETS (Antimicrobial Stewardship Systems from Evidence-based Treatment Strategies) for Livestock

Genome Canada leads $40M genomics initiative to address COVID-19 pandemic

April 23, 2020 / News Release

New Canadian network will undertake viral and host genome sequencing to improve patient outcomes

GMO development should include marketing & communications research

April 9, 2020 / News Article

Marketing professor David Zhang is with the Edwards School of Business.

GEN-FISH harnesses environmental DNA to manage Canada’s freshwater fish

April 7, 2020 / News Article

University of Manitoba fish biologist Margaret Docker.

Genome Canada launches additional rapid response funding for COVID-19 research

April 2, 2020 / News Article

Contact Genome Prairie for information on regional opportunities.

Announcing New Interim President & CEO

March 25, 2020 / News Release

Genome Prairie Genome Prairie Announces Interim President & CEO Dr. Gerald Brown