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Executive Search: Genome Prairie President & CEO

May 15, 2020

The world of bioscience moves at an unprecedented pace with new discoveries and innovations being made here in Canada. To ensure that Manitoba and Saskatchewan are notable contributors in this globally competitive environment, Genome Prairie is seeking their next President & CEO to support and manage large-scale genomics and bioscience research projects in these two provinces.

Reporting to the Board, the CEO is responsible for providing leadership in the pursuit of Genome Prairie’s goals and objectives. They will provide direction and strategy to ensure Genome Prairie continues to be a catalyst and enabler in genomics research and innovation.

This CEO opportunity is an excellent challenge for an executive leader who can turn vision into execution.  As the face of the organization, the CEO will be an entrepreneurial, politically savvy, and engaging leader who is solutions oriented and can navigate complex levels of stakeholders in government, research, academia, and funding partners.

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